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"Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." - Matthew 18:5

Love and Grace Boys

Here at Love and Grace Ministries the boys live in a stable environment, they attend school and have the kind of bright-eyed look that signals a hope for both their own future and that of their country. Since 2009, twenty two boys have joined Love and Grace and these boy's stories are what make our faith in our mission pay off with the tangible reward of seeing them mature into honest, caring, hard-working individuals.

The 2010 earthquake brought a lot of pain to Haiti, which made the need for Haitian ministries like Love and Grace even more necessary. Many of our boys came to us after that tragedy. Through these difficult times, our organization has allowed us to give the boys a loving home and a brighter future. 

Our staff includes an assistant director who oversees the operations of the boys home, along with a supervisor who works along side her and tutors the boys after school. The supervisor lives at the home and meets every week with the director and his wife of our Haitian board. We also have three live in nannies, a cook, two laundry ladies, a driver, and a social worker who visit the boys once a week. Each morning begins with devotions and ends with devotions before bed time.

Jameson came to the boys home in July. He is nine years old and has no parents. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring him. 

When the boys turn 18 years old, Haiti requires that they move out of the orphanage. For those who have no family to care for them, these young men would eventually end up on the streets. For Love and Grace Ministries this was not an option. We took a big leap of faith and rented another home only minutes away from our Boys Home. We moved three of our boys out of the Boys Home in 2015 and into the new Bridge Home.

At the Bridge Home, the young men will continue with their education and attend a vocational school to learn a trade or attend college so they can become self-sufficient and are able to become productive young men. For those who have families, they will be able to help support them and move back home.

Each day at the Bridge Home is similar to their schedule at the Boys Home but it also includes a Saturday morning Bible study and playing on a soccer team club. At the Bridge Home they also learn how to cook, do laundry, and budget their allowance. We want to create a brighter tomorrow for Haiti by raising up this next generation of Haitian leaders today. Our staff at the Bridge Home includes a director and his wife who live and oversee all operations at the home, a cook, and a laundry person.