"Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." - Matthew 18:5

Wish List and Special Packages for the Boys

The Boys and Bridge Home are always looking for various items to help us in our mission. We accept toiletries, school supplies, clothing and any other supplies that are necessary to our operations and the boy's needs. if you would like to send a gift for a specific purpose, such as a birthday to your sponsored boy (or any boy), please designate and write a brief description with your donation. The boys also love receiving letters. If you would like to send a package, please review the Wish List Catalog below and then contact Nancy Turner at to know what, when and where to send your gift.

Love and Grace Ministries is part of the AmazonSmile program. It is a simple and automatic way for you to support us every time you shop online, at no cost to you. Just sign in to smile.amazon.com or simply select “Your Account” from the navigation page, and then select the option to “Change your Charity” to Love and Grace Ministries - Haiti. We have also provided you a link below to our Amazon Wish List for specific donation items. 

Wishlist & Packages

Size Chart

Christmas Gift Catalog

It's November and the countdown has begun until Christmas. Most stores forgot we still have Thanksgiving, and the sense of urgency of 7 more weekends until Christmas is pressed upon us with Christmas displays and ads in full swing. Meanwhile, Haiti is still waiting to start their school year after more than 7 weeks of protests and unrest. The situation in Haiti continues to worsen; companies are pulling out of the country, stores are being looted, hospitals, schools, and churches have been closed, and food and resources have become even more scarce. The hope for the world came as a babe on Christmas, and we are praying for that same hope for this desperate country. As many of us begin our preparations for this hopeful season, we have some ways you can incorporate supporting L&G ~ Haiti through our gift catalog, sending a gift to a boy, choosing L&G on AmazonSmile, following us on Instagram to learn of artisan groups in Haiti, and participating in #GivingTuesday. Please join us in bringing hope to this country.

Christmas Gift Catalog